Math has lost some of its luster, lately. I’m still doing it, but at a slower pace. I think that’s fine. The main goal I have is not to stop. I just have other things that are interesting me right now, so it’s back-burnered. I’m midway through lesson 37 (I think).

On our flight back from North Carolina last year I first was exposed to American Ninja Warrior. At first I was only interested in the #FarmerNinja (Caleb Watson). But lately, I’ve gotten more into it as a whole. There are certainly elements I don’t like, and I am rather certain that I’ll never be a contestant, but it’s given me new interest in getting more healthy, which probably means that show is more valuable than pretty much any other show on TV (i.e., it caused some good at least once).

In particular, I have always wanted to be able to do pull ups. I’ve come close at some points, and might have even been able to do them briefly when I was rail-thin after jaw surgery when I was 17, but I certainly haven’t done them anytime recently. So that’s my long-term goal. And I’m pretty sure it’s attainable.

My other goal is to get healthier shoulders. I’ve had issues with my left shoulder in particular for a few years now. Probably due to bad swimming form, I got a pretty bad case of swimmer’s shoulder a few years ago. It’s kind of lingered off and on since then, but has been getting somewhat worse. It’s to the place now where I usually don’t hold my kids with my left arm anymore. Washing dishes causes pain. That’s pretty irritating. I’d really like to get my shoulders healthy so that I can use them normally again. So I’m trying to increase my upper back strength which is supposed to open up the area that is being compressed (I have a bit of an impingement, it appears).

Anyway, that’s what’s up.

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