Losing Steam

No, this is not about losing steam in mathematics. I’m still chugging along. Finished lesson 23 in Algebra 2 today.

But losing steam has been on my mind lately. It seems like guys have a tendency to do this. I think it’s interesting. And I want to know why. Well, at least, I want to speculate about it and hope to avoid it.

I suspect that guys are something like this: it often seems that men have “Productive years” that are kind of extraordinary. Guys like Einstein. But then they taper off. They might keep trying until they die (like Einstein), but never recapture their glory years. Why is this? Is it that God only gives men a set number of discoveries or accomplishments and then turns them off? Or is it more of a sociological consequence of something?

The life of David comes to mind. My pastor has pointed out that David’s life was never the same after his incident with Bathsheba. Is this a unique situation or is that more common?

It’s something I’ve been pondering. Even with “everyday guys,” it seems like there’s often *drive* toward accomplishing something and then it’s gone. Why? Natural course of history or something deeper? I don’t know.

But it’s on my mind.

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