Dad as Mom

My wife had been on bed rest for the last three weeks or so of pregnancy. We tried having her be at home alone with the kids, but that really didn’t work out very well. She had to get up too much. So I tried to finish up what I needed to at work and then just took off (with permission). I have a great employer, by the way. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is awesome.

Anyway, I’ve tried to keep going with my math review. I had completed lesson 80 of Algebra 1 when I came home. 15 days later (through yesterday) I’ve completed lesson 88. Not quite the rate I was expecting having so much “time off.” It’s OK, though. I was home to help my wife and kids, and I’ve done that. And I thus have a renewed respect for my wife (she works HARD). Doing about a quarter of what I had been doing per week is better than nothing by a long shot. It’ll be much easier to hit it hard again after I get back to normal life since I didn’t take the whole time off.

Also, I now have a new kid! Abigail is awesome. 6 kids. Insane. And again, my wife is amazing.

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