Saxon Algebra 1: 21 Lessons In

After a mighty struggle to figure out which math book I ought to start with, I decided to take the high road by going for the lower-level math book first: Saxon Algebra 1. I’m pretty sure I completed this entire book at some point, but that was probably at least 7 years ago.

I started…last week some time (Thursday?). I don’t know the exact date. And then this week was really weird because I had the week off to do some work around the house. But I’ve still managed to continue to do math each day. I think I’ve done at least one lesson per day (Sunday excluded).

I completed 3 today because I was feeling slightly ill and took the day off from house projects. I think I tend to miss 2-4 problems per lesson; almost always due to stupid errors. I’m not sure how to cut those out except practice. I missed two in one lesson today solely because I transcribed the original problem from the math book incorrectly. That’s really infuriating. But at least I’m getting practice in it and presumably will get better over time.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep my nose to the grindstone. If I keep up this rate, I should get through this one shortly and be on to Algebra 2. My honest goal is to complete Advanced Mathematics by the end of this year and be ready to kill it in Calculus at the beginning of next year!

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