Download mode without power button on S4

I could not find directions for this online, so after I figured it out, I figured I’d post it here so it’s somewhere when someone else runs into this issue.

I don’t have a power button on my S4. It was defective and bootlooping, so I had it removed, but removing it removed a solder pad too, so I can’t put a power button back. Adb to the rescue!

Naturally, you’ll have to have debugging enabled, ADB installed, a working USB port, etc., but there are directions for that elsewhere.

I could get into recovery by means of:
ADB reboot recovery

But once there, selecting is accomplished with the power button, at least with the recovery I had. D’oh!

After not finding any directions and trying a bunch of things, I finally just tried the following, which worked:

ADB reboot download

Done. Booted right into download mode.

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2 Responses to Download mode without power button on S4

  1. SadGuy says:

    Hi, I have the same problem! But i accidentally did a format /system and rebooted :\
    So I am unable to on my phone now. Do you know how to boot it into download/recovery again

  2. Jake says:

    Unfortunately, I have no idea. I’m sorry! Sounds like a real whale of a problem. Good luck with that.

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