Back to Windows?

I might be going back to Windows. I’m just getting sick of Linux. There are a few things I like: resumes from hibernate faster, it isn’t Windows. OK, so really that basically means there’s one thing I like. Everything else is harder. I’ve given it a fair shake. More than a fair shake, I think. I’ve used it exclusively at home. For more than a month. The only real benefit I’ve wrought is my more and more frequent reluctance to use my computer. Hmmm…

I’m on Windows 7 again at the moment. I feel ever-so-slightly guilty about it, and also about the way I activated it. It’s the same license that I had on a different computer, but I’m going to remove it from that computer before booting it up again (I’ve done this before). When the phone thingy asked me how many computers I’ve installed this on, I said “one.” I had said “two” last time, because that’s how many I had previously ever installed it on, but then I had to talk to a CS rep and explain that I was removing it, etc. I know what they don’t want: they don’t want the same license used on more than one computer at a time. I’m honoring that. But I don’t want to lie, either. Anyway, I guess I’m interpreting it as meaning how many do I presently have it installed on, because I think they just want you to know you can only have it on one. Which, again, is fine by me. I think they need to clean up their wording, though.

Unfortunately, the above issue is really the *only* real advantage Linux has over Windows for me is not dealing with licensing. That’s a real advantage, but then again, Richard Stallman is so annoying about it that it might only be a tie. I’m really not a fan of Richard Stallman. Blech.

Things I was having issues with in Linux:
Fonts. I have no idea why, but fonts would sporadically go nuts. I couldn’t see the top half of some, others would be difficult to read, etc. It was really irritating.
Heat. Right now, on Windows 7, my computer is relatively cool. I’m not doing much, so that’s to be expected, but the same can’t be said for Linux. Frequently, it’s just danged hot. And if I am doing something that requires a lot of power, it’s entirely likely that it’ll just freeze up. Very annoying.
Scrolling. I think I fixed this largely in Linux, but it was hard to do.
Mouse movement: It’s still just better in Windows. Smoother, faster, more accurate.
Updates: Good grief. I thought Windows updated frequently. Sheesh, every time I boot Fedora I’m asked to update and reboot. ?????

Also, though it’s certainly not the main issue, Linus Torvalds does regularly come across as a jerk. He has personality, which I like, but flipping people off and cussing out less intelligent geniuses is kind of unnecessary.

Anyway, yeah, I have no idea if anyone cares, but that’s that for now. I’ll probably still dual boot for a while, but I don’t know how often I’ll actually venture into Linux anymore.

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