Gnome 3

So, I’m trying to really try Gnome 3. There are a few problems:
1. Heat. It’s definitely hotter than Xfce.
2. Fonts. Some fonts, like on my blog, for instance, are fuzzy. I got most of them fixed, but some remain fuzzy. I don’t like that.
3. I really don’t like the main bar being at the top. I know that’s because I’ve been using Windows for 20 years or so, but I’ve been using Windows for 20 years or so. It’s not easy to change, especially when my work computer still is the other way.

But, otherwise, I think it’s going well. It’s nice to be on the “main” desktop supported by Fedora, since I’m going with Fedora. Most questions online seem to assume it, so it’s nice to be on the main. I’m not sure if I’ll stick it out, but it’s good to give it a go.

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