Printing on Linux — Wow.

That’s a good “wow,” by the way. My wife’s computer has kicked the bucket, apparently, so when she needed to print something this morning I inwardly groaned. I figured it’d be an arduous task to set up printing on Linux (since many things still are a pain). But it wasn’t! I was honestly surprised how easy it actually was.

I’m still primarily using Fedora 20 Xfce edition, so I went to the menu and printing, searched for my wireless network printer which was found right away, accepted the defaults, and printed the test page moments later. Then, since I’m a skeptic, I verified that the print-job she actually needed worked, too. It really couldn’t have been much easier. I didn’t verify that duplex printing works, but it did give me that option, so hopefully it does.

Anyway, I’m pleased.

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