Doug Phillips and Smear Sites

To Whom It May Concern:

I just noticed that my blog has the same header image as a vile web site:

Because I was formerly an intern for Vision Forum and worked with Mr. Phillips personally, I just want to make clear that the header here and there is entirely a consequence of WordPress (my blogging engine) having themes that you can select from.  The theme I use as of this writing is entitled “Twenty Ten.” I may change it just so no one gets the wrong idea. I had no idea until I stumbled across that site today that we had the same theme. I was actually looking up Mr. Phillips’s site because I wanted to see if he had posted about this scandalous healthcare law that has just passed the SCOTUS. One of the many things I appreciate about him is his timely commentary in times of national distress.

I officially and completely distance myself from the above site. I love Doug Phillips and his ministry. Further, I have a special distaste for sniping web sites, especially the anonymous type, as that one appears to be–I didn’t read everything to see if they ever make themselves known; it’s pretty obvious it’s a smear-job and doesn’t deserve my time. Regardless, I am not one of those anonymous scoundrels, nor of any other sites, should they exist. If I were to publicly criticize someone or their beliefs, I should hope I would always have the courage to do it with boldness in my own name.

To my knowledge I have never posted anything critical of Mr. Phillips nor of Vision Forum, and barring some unimaginable excursion by him or them into gross heresy, I can’t see that I ever would. It would be dishonoring coming from me since he’s one of my mentors. Further, I should hope I would never anonymously slander anyone, especially a hero. And Doug Phillips is definitely a hero of mine.

So let it be written.

Jake Joiner

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