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Composed in LJ a while back, but never posted. It’s been sitting in the “auto-saved” draft area:

It would be a lie to say that not much has been going on. A lot has been going on. I’m in classes, working full time or more, and I still have a wife and kids. Yeeha.

I also say “yeeha” more than ever. Why? My beautiful daughter picked up that word (at my prompting) and started saying it when she was really small (one of her first 5 words, I’m sure). So now I love it and have her say it all the time. I particularly like it when she says “Yee HAAA!” (separating the syllables and practically yelling the second half). Walking into Wal-Mart hearing her bellow that makes me smile.

I am taking two classes, as I said before. Everyone is shocked when they hear the classes: Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry. “I thought you were going into law?!?” Well, I was/might be/am/don’t know. That about sums it up. I’ve applied to law schools, but it doesn’t make sense to go horribly into debt right now for a profession that is already grossly bloated. The salaries are not that good (unless you get in somewhere amazing), so you may well just end up in a lousy high hour job with tons of debt and very little mula (or however that’s spelled). So if I get in and they’ll give me a decent enough scholarship so that I don’t wind up excessively in debt, I might do law. Otherwise, nope.

Update since whenever I wrote the above: I got in at SIU with their best scholarship, but I’m still not sure I’ll go. A scholarship is cool, but tuition was the smaller part of the cost as compared to living expenses and fees. The total bill for SIU (as I computed it) was going to be around 100k. With the scholarship, that drops to 70k. That’s still a truckload of money (to me, anyway). I may still do it, but I’m not going to do it lightly. I’m going to talk to some other lawyers who graduated from SIU, see what they think, and examine other options.

So if that doesn’t work out, instead, bwaha, I’ll be pursuing something else. Not sure what, yet. Ah, Limbo, that special area of Hell for guys who aren’t the “I’m gonna be a doctor” type but are smart enough to do just about anything. Potential has its downside (not that I’m complaining).

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